About Me


Today, I work for Meta® as a Senior Software Engineer working on Facebook Privacy and Settings with a variety of languages. I design and develop front-end interfaces, underlying APIs, and backend systems across a number of programming languages with focus on Hack, React, and GraphQL.

Prior to Meta, I worked at FreeWheel®, a Comcast® Company that works in the ad tech industry. There I worked in Go and React to build APIs and work on MRM, our UI for our clients. My focus was on optimizing and improving our legacy code as well as building out a suite of new features for inernal and external stakeholders.

I entered the software engineering world by teaching myself PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, HTML and CSS. I used these skills to build a customer facing web app for Shakespeare & Co. bookstores which was successful enough that I was brought on as a full-time software engineer. After that I built numerous web apps for Shakespeare & Co. ranging from customer-facing web apps to create personalized books to back of house software to improve the efficiency of textbook department and company as a whole.

Prior to my software engineering career, I worked as an architectural graphic designer. I built renderings and virtual tours for real estate agents, architects, and home builders. My tours can be seen everywhere from an aerial tour of manhattan to rendered homes to the website for Cornell Tech's new campus on Roosevelt Island. My work with these virtual tours introduced me to XML, JavaScript, and CSS and were a gateway to my software engineering career.


In 2018, I attended the Fullstack Academy of Code. Up until that point, my software engineering was entirely self taught. Formalizing my software engineering education allowed me to adopt best practices, identify the weak points in my skill set, and to drastically improve in a short period of time. I credit Fullstack with truly kicking off my software engineering career.

I obtained my undergraduate degree from the George Washington University, where I received a BS in Economics. I learned a lot while I attended George Washington, but meeting my wife, Brittany, was by far the greatest thing I took away from my time there.


In my personal life, I enjoy riding my motorcycle down winding roads, playing fantasy football, traveling, reading fiction books, and playing soccer. Most of all, I love spending time with my wife, Brittany, my 5 year old son, Grayson, and my 2 year old daughter, Everly. In a few years, I plan to introduce my kids to software engineering, in the hopes of inspiring the same passion for coding that I have.