Shake Runner

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As the official brick and mortart books store for Hunter College, Shakespeare & Co. handles a large volume of students at the beginning of each semester. In order to improve the efficiency of these student 'rushes', Shakespeare & Co. decided to build a tablet based system to take student orders in line and then print those orders, as well as where to find the books, in the back of the house. Runners then take these order slips, find the books and deliver them to the checkout counter for the students.

I was responsible for the full stack development and maintenance of the web app. The back end runs on MySQL, and PHP, combining data from multiple datatables. The front end is composed of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Shake runner made a massive impact on efficiency. Previous student rushes resulted in lines extending from our textbook department in the basement of our Lexington store, all the way to the back of the store on the first floor. After this system was implemented, the line moved an estimated three times faster. As a result, the line never went up to the first floor and we generated more sales in a smaller amount of time with a smaller staff.