Cornell Tech - Capmus Tour

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With the opening of the new campus on Roosevelt Island, the Cornell Tech marketing team hoped to make a digital splash that would highlight the finished campus and communicate the organization as technology-driven and forward-thinking. NOVA Concepts developed a custom, interactive user experience on the Cornell Tech website that allowed visitors to explore the campus in a 360-tour. Accessible and intuitive, the experience provides users with key information about the campus and programming, while establishing Cornell Tech as a technology-first organization.

My responsibility for this project was the full stack development of the virtual tour. The focus was on a seamless front end experience that would allow guests to explore basic information about the campus in an engaging and modern medium. This was done with a combination of JavaScript, XML, and CSS that lived on top of a boilerplate krpano virtual tour.

In the first week, 10K+ unique visitors engaged with the 360 experience on Cornell Tech’s website. From potential students to the Cornell alumni network, the experience provided a memorable, informative and unparalleled view of the new satellite campus.

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