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FreeWheel®'s Monetization Rights Management® (MRM) platform is the central tool of the business. It allows clients to create, manage, and analyze their ad campaigns. It is also one of the largest advertising market places available in the digital and linear worlds.

As a member of the Creative team, I have a hand in all aspects of MRM that deal with Creatives. This includes ingesting, transcoding, delivering, and approving creatives. I maintain the existing code base by addressing bugs and updating and refreshing the underlying code base. This includes a complete code refresh migrating from Ruby on Rails and JQuery to Go, React, and Redux. I also build new features and APIs to deliver better, faster, and easier workflows to our clients.

The Creative team has fully migrated to a new tech stack and is operating faster and smoother than before. The new suite of APIs has consolidated a plethora of disparate APIs into one cohesive offering which encapsulates all of our clients' needs. This has significantly improved our clients' workflow and our ability to debug any issues that arise. Our improvements to the UI have also reduced the number of steps required to injest a creative which has reduced the number of human errors and sped up the UI experience.