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"Send to people, not places"

Smartmail was a startup founded to modernize the way we send and receive packages and mail. By creating an identifier that follows you as you move, we would be able to ensure that we can receive mail and packages no matter where we move. Customers would no longer worry about having to update theie billing and shipping addresses, no longer worry about updating all friends and family about their new mailing address. Instead, they would update just their Smartmail account and everything would seamlessly work.

A fully functioning V1 was built in order to prove the concept and demo to investors and business partners.The backend was built using GO to ensure super fast performance, while the frontend was built on Svelte.

While the business model showed that the business would be viable, the startup was sadly scrapped due to the high cost to enter the market and a lack of patentability.

I founded the startup, created the business plan, researched the market, and was the sole engineer responsible for building v1.

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While the startup never launched, the business model was validated by investors and shipping industry veterans. V1 was a fully functioning product and had tremendous potential. Unfortunately, after lwayers concluded that the IP wouldn't be patentable, investors and business partners felt that we would likely be replaced by AMazon or another major retailer and would ultimately not be able to operate profitably with stiff competition.