In-store Book Browser

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Shakespeare & Co.'s strong focus on tech, they have placed tablets around their stores that allow customers to not only interact with their Espresso Book Machine® but also to browse the store's physical inventory and locate where a book is shelved around the store. Of course, if we are out of stock but we can print the book, the customer is notified of that option as well.

I was responsible for the full stack development and maintenance of the web app. The back end runs on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PHP, combining data from multiple datatables. The front end is composed of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.

The in-store book browser has been helpful in two capacities. It has augmented customers' abilities to browse on their own, which has incresed customer staisfaction. The tool has also decreased the burden on the book sellers who are already occupied with reshelving books, checking customers out, and receiving new book shipmemts.

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